Chili Pepper Chaos, Yeethoven, and Fancy Vision-Enhancing Tech

Dec 22, 2017

If you like Star Wars, the Nutcracker, and/or chili peppers, read on - this link roundup is for you.

  1. Star Wars fans: Stream John Williams's score for The Last Jedi on Spotify.
  2. Ok, ok, I'll admit it - I haven't even seen The Last Jedi yet. But I am really excited about it. Here's the Star Wars theme played on a pretty unorthodox instrument: a standard calculator.

  3. Remember when we posted about the orchestra that tried to play after eating the world's hottest chili pepper? Chili Klaus is at it again - this time with the Herning Boys Choir.

  4. How's this for a mash-up: Kanye West + Beethoven = Yeethoven. 
  5. Fran Hoepfner, one of my favorite writers on the internet, is back with a review of the piece she so cruelly deprived us of last year: The Nutcracker. (Also, p.s., you can hear the recording she's talking about right here on WCRB, Saturday night at 8:00). A warning: this contains strong language.
  6. And finally: because the holidays are the perfect time to read about cool new tech, check out how Samsung's vision-enhancing app helped pianist Young-suh Noh prepare for his debut.

Just a heads up: there'll be no link roundup next week - I'm going home to sunny California for Christmas. See you in 2018!