Spend Thanksgiving with WCRB

Nov 22, 2017

Whether you're spending the day in the kitchen, in the car, or gathered around a table with family and friends, add a secret ingredient to make everything better: classical music.

It's no secret that holidays can be stressful. There are so many plans to make, so many details to get right, and so many people to please. Maybe it's the introvert in me talking, but even going to someone's house and having to be "on" for a few hours is taxing. It's no surprise articles like this one pop up every year, doling out advice on how to manage emotions and have difficult conversations during this season.

But we have a solution to all of this. It won't make your aunt stop asking when you're going to find a nice man to take care of you. It won't guarantee that your roasted vegetables develop that perfect balance of soft and crisp. It won't make traffic run smoothly. But it will make all of this much more manageable, and... it's free.

Listen to WCRB, of course!

I know, I know. "Of course you'd say that. You work there." But it's true! Studies have shown that music makes food taste better (or, at least, different). Others have proven music's ability to help with stress. And who among us hasn't had an "I really needed that" moment when listening to our favorite tunes?

All day on Thanksgiving, WCRB has you covered. Listen in the morning for a little bit of "get up and go" in the form of Borodin's "Prince Igor" Overture and Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks, along with contemplative Bach and transportative Tarrega and some Renaissance-era gems. As the day progresses, don't miss Beethoven's Septet and Aaron Copland's "Music for Movies."

Dinner time? Feast like royalty, accompanied by Telemann's "Tafelmusik," music originally written for - you guessed it - the table, feasts and banquets, specifically. Our Symphony at 8 highlights the American sound, with Leonard Bernstein leading the New York Philharmonic in Randall Thompson's Symphony No. 2. And if the tryptophan hasn't done its job quite yet, settle in for the night with a lullaby by Gershwin.

Just like you've put a lot of effort into making a perfect holiday for the ones you love, we at WCRB have toiled to make sure you don't have to worry about the soundtrack. You handle the turkey (or tofurkey, or bowl of popcorn - no judgment)... let us handle the music.