If you're like us, you made a resolution to read more in 2019. That's where we come in: this link roundup features fun stories and interesting reads from this week in classical music!

It's 2019! Take a breath and start the new year on the right foot -- by which we mean, get caught up on all the best classical music stories of the week, of course!

WCRB's 2018 In Concert of the Year!

Dec 17, 2018

With so many incredible concerts happening in Boston each week, it's impossible for any one person to attend them all. WCRB In Concert brings the concert hall to you -- and now, at the end of 2018, we're looking back at our favorite episodes of the year. They're all available on demand -- so take a listen!

Another link roundup for the books! Featuring our very own #CDOTWOTY bracket, an off-the-charts cool string quartet, and, yep, Hildegard von Snowman. 

We're back and better than ever! This link roundup covers all the bases -- from U.K. doctors' offices to train stations to Game of Thrones. Ready?