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Link Roundup: 8 Things from This Week on the Classical Internet

This week: the Melodica Men tackle Gershwin, Britney Spears paints to Mozart, and members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra experiment with the world's hottest chili pepper.

  1.  Opera: stuffy, expensive, and boring? Not a chance. Just ask comedian and actor Steve Speirs:

  2. And speaking of opera: what if you could step right into the middle of the action? A new, immersive virtual-reality project will let you do just that:
  3. Britney Spears, painting, and Mozart sound like an odd combination. But it really happened! And it was wonderful!
  4. Check out this fascinating look at Ruth Crawford Seeger's audacious string quartet (and listen to this while you do:)
  5. Mozart, like most celebrities, did a little bar-hopping in his day. A travel writer tracked down one of the places he was known to visit when he was in Prague.
  6. Runner and conservatory student Alistair Rutherford just shattered the world record for "fastest marathon dressed as a musical instrument," which is a category I'm delighted to learn exists. 
  7. What happens when you play your instrument right after eating the world's hottest chili pepper? Well, hilarity, for one:
  8. And finally: everybody's favorite duo, the Melodica Men, are back, this time with Gershwin:

Thanks for checking out this week's link roundup! Come back next Friday for more.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.