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Listen to Ursula K. Le Guin's Space Opera, "Rigel 9"

Album cover for Bedford and Le Guin's "Rigel 9"
Album cover for Bedford and Le Guin's "Rigel 9"

A suffragette cantata, Ursula K. Le Guin's space opera, and more in this week's link roundup.

  1. Beethoven and sweet bread, on a Sri Lankan food cart... now that's a killer combo if I've ever heard one.
  2. Composer Joanna Marsh is debuting a new cantata about Emily Davison, one of the best-known early suffragettes. Here's how the police described Davison on her arrest warrant:

    "Obdurate, difficult temperament, at odds with society … a haggard appearance. Bruised in body and soul. Impulsively inclined and might do any rash act.”

    I can't be the only one who thinks she's cool.

    Emily Wilding Davison
    Emily Wilding Davison

  3. Two recently-discovered violin concertos by Florence Price, the first African-American woman to receive national attention for her compositions, were recently recorded by violinist Er-Gene Kahng for Albany. The New Yorker's Alex Ross reflects on Price's legacy.
  4. Thinking of going into the violin-making business? Here's a pictorial guide to the tools of the trade, courtesy of Strings Magazine.
  5. Beloved author Ursula K. Le Guin passed away on January 22. Although she is best-known for her Earthsea novels, she also experimented with other art forms - including opera! Listen to the space opera with a libretto by Le Guin here:


  6. Music is universal, but are its meanings? A team of researchers hopes to find out whether all music has certain universal qualities that transcend language
  7. Students at the University of Texas 3D-printed a 6-string electric violin. See it in action:

  8. And... well, just watch this video. I don't think it needs any other introduction.
Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.