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Researchers Play Music to Help Culture Cheese

Sliced Cheese on Brown Table Top
NastyaSensei, via
Sliced Cheese on Brown Table Top

...but which type of music made cheese the tastiest? Also, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's perfect proposal, a Magic Flute video game, and a plan for classical music without patriarchy.

1. First up, a dancing bird! Turn your sound on for this one:

2. This man's plan to propose to his girlfriend got the Detroit Symphony Orchestra involved:

3. Indie developer OpusLudus is building a Magic Flute video game! Play as Prince Tamino and embark on a quest to rescue Princess Pamina:

4. Jazmín Morales, the current Manager of Community Engagement and Career Development at the Colburn School, imagines a world in which classical music is free from patriarchy.

5. Researchers in Switzerland played different types of music to wheels of cheese to determine whether -- and how -- sonic frequency impacts the culturing process. Turns out, the standout favorite was the cheese that "listened" to hip hop, with the cheese that "listened" to Mozart coming in at a close second. We'd like to sample these cheeses. All of them.

6. The New Camerata Opera company is raising funds to produce an opera film telling the story of Julie D'Aubigny, 17th-century France's most dashing diva and swordswoman.

7. This is a great look for Schubert, don't you think?

This Schubert bust I found on eBay makes him look like a Suave time-traveller. from r/classicalmusic

8. Check out this profile on Susanne Küster, an artist who carves beautifully intricate custom scrolls for baroque instruments.

9. 11-year -old violinist Leah Flynn has her sights set on becoming the new face of classical music

10. In a conversation with New York Philharmonic president and CEO Deborah Borda at Harvard Business School, Yo-Yo Ma discussed art, social justice, and civic engagement, saying that art cannot exist for art's sake anymore. 

11. Do animals experience music the same way that we do? Nautilus Magazine dove deep to determine if human musicality is really something special.

12. How do you even begin to tackle recording music -- let alone writing it -- for a video game? From Space Invaders to Super Mario to Assassin's Creed, the BBC investigates how video game music changes how you play.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.