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The World's Oldest Sheet Music for Piano Sounds Like This

Giga of Sonata No. 2, by Lodovico Giustini
Giga of Sonata No. 2, by Lodovico Giustini

Plus, instrument theft, Andrew Garfied, and the Human Saxophone. Buckle up!

1. What does a symphony mean, really? And what about when it has words? Benjamin Carlson writes about Beethoven's 9th for The Atlantic.

2. A new documentary, "Plucked," tells the story of a high-profile violin theft that shocked the nation

3. Tosan Arugha's saxophone skills are insane -- especially considering he doesn't even use a saxophone

View this post on Instagram The continent is filled with amazing talents _____ Video credit: @demgohearword @forever_mouth_saxophonist _____ #AfricanTalents #Nigeriantalents #MusicInAfrica A post shared by CNN Africa (@cnnafrica) on Apr 23, 2019 at 10:41am PDT

4. Actor Andrew Garfield is reportedly playing pianist James Rhodes in an upcoming drama biopic called "Instrumental." 

5. "New York minimalism, Renaissance polyphony and early ’90s R&B. That’s the only music you ever need." The New York Times profiled viol player Liam Byrne, whose love for period instruments doesn't stop him from playing music by modern composers like Nadia Sirota.

6. In case you missed it: this is the priceless moment the whole classical music world has been talking about this week.

7. This is the world's oldest sheet music written specifically for the piano:


...and here's what it sounds like:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.