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Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps to Pachelbel on Story Pirates

Johann Pachelbel
Johann Pachelbel, looking cooler than ever

What do you get when you cross Lin-Manuel Miranda's rap stylings with Pachelbel's Canon in D? A very charming kids' song, that's what. Hear it and more in this week's link roundup!

1. Slate's Hi-Phi Nation podcast uncovers a sound illusion in Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6, "Pathétique."

2. Scotland's oldest concert hall now houses an amazing collection of instruments, including the "Raymond Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments," which are meant to be seen as much as heard

3. "NomadPlay" is a new app that brings the sound of an orchestra to your practice room. What makes it different from playing your instrument along with a recording of the piece of music? The ability to remove the sound of any instrument, for starters -- leaving the space for you to truly hear yourself play.

4. Need a shot of pure joy? These kindergarteners have a better sense of timing than a lot of musicians -- just look at the conductor!

5. Opera casting director Sophie Joyce discusses the joy and the difficulty of evaluating singers during auditions.

6. What do you do when you break a string in concert? It happened to Ray Chen -- here's how to deal:


7. Recorder quartet Palisander plays 11 Spice Girls songs in 2 minutes:

8. The Irish Times asked musicians and composers to name their ideas of musical heaven -- and hell.

9. During Wednesday night's Stanley Cup final, MassMutual played an ad that used Strauss's Blue Danube!

10. Last but not least: Lin-Manuel Miranda raps as an arrogant dragon over a backing track of Pachelbel's Canon in D in this new Story Pirates album. Yes, okay, it's technically a song for kids, but it's a bop and we won't judge you for liking it:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.