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This Ukulele Mashup of Bizet, Bach, and More will Blow Your Mind

Ukulele virtuoso Taimane in her video "Taimane's Toccata by Bach on Ukulele"
Ukulele virtuoso Taimane in her video "Taimane's Toccata by Bach on Ukulele"

Also, a violin with a full security detail, and... bees?

1. You might not see a cello full of bees every day... but Martin does:

2. We've already professed our love for Lizzo and her flute. Watch her unexpected (and, sadly, brief) flute performance at the BET Awards from last Sunday:

View this post on Instagram ANY QUESTIONS? @badgalriri A post shared by Sasha Flute (@sashabefluting) on Jun 23, 2019 at 8:59pm PDT

3. A new theory suggests that singing together in a group serves an evolutionary purpose -- it brings us closer as a community and helps us forge bonds with one another! So go join a choir this summer, okay?

4. Conductor Jaap van Zweden shared a touching story about the power of music with CBS News's 60 Minutes.

5. This Italian violin -- yes, the violin -- has its own security detail:

6. A brand-new opera about Stonewall opened last week at the New York City Opera, marking the 50th anniversary of the uprising that sparked the simmering gay rights movement into flames:

7. Ukulele virtuoso Taimane absolutely stuns in all of her videos -- especially this one, featuring music from Carmen, the Phantom of the Opera, and Bach.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.