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Classical Music's Barnyard Blitz

Ray Chen and Fleur de Bray serenade local animals
Ray Chen and Fleur de Bray serenade local animals

We'd tell you to hold your horses, but that would defeat the purpose of this link roundup. This week: stories about movie trailers, giant pianos, AI-generated music, and, yeah, farm animals. You ready?

1. This enormous 16.4-foot-long piano is on display in Latvia while it awaits its approval by the Guinness Book of World Records.

2. The New Yorker investigates the unexpected history of using cover songs in movie trailers

3. Artificial Intelligence-generated music: tool or travesty? Here's a fascinating interview with Alex Mitchell, founder of Boomy, a startup that lets users make "instant music" with a few clicks. (Want to give it a shot? Here's where you can sign up.)

4. National Geographic may have some insight on why J.S. Bach was such a phenomenal musician -- and it has to do with his skeleton.

5. You may not know its name, but you almost certainly know its melody. The BBC takes a look at history's most enduring tune.

6. Ah, The Onion. If you've ever wondered what a Mozart-fronted boyband would look and sound like, well, this one's for you.

7. Horror stories abound from musicians whose instruments go missing. One instrument case company recently debuted a mobile app that tracks the location of your case -- a genius idea, if you ask us.

8. Violinist Ray Chen serenades... horses. 

9. And on a similar note: soprano Fleur de Bray sings to a whole bunch of piglets.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.