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Will Symphony Orchestras Exist in 200 Years?

Kirill Gerstein speaks with Ivan Fischer about the future of  classical music, a floating piano brings concerts to France's lakes and rivers, and Rachel Barton Pine hosts a family story time, all in this roundup. Let's go!

1. A few weeks ago, we mentioned that San Diego, CA's Mainly Mozart Festival was planning a drive-in concert where audiences could hear live classical music from the comfort of their own cars. Here's how it went.

2. French classical group "Piano du Lac" travels along France's waterways, bringing classical performances to rural communities from their floating piano

3. Violinist Rachel Barton Pine and her husband, Greg, present Alan Rideout's musical retelling of "Ferdinand the Bull," in the latest episode of their "Family Fridays" series:


4. Luxury brand Moschino's violin bag may cost nearly $3,000, but it does have working tuning pegs and a metal bridge. More music in high fashion, please!

5. Pianist Kirill Gerstein spoke with conductor Ivan Fischer about the future of the symphony orchestra. Will orchestras exist at all in a few hundred years? What form will they take? Watch their discussion:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.