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Behold: the Pianomelon

Watermelon slices in bowls

The latest in piano technology, plus new classical crossover hits, a deep dive into the world of bardcore, and some extremely good violin music recommendations, all in this roundup. Let's go!

1. This composer arranged the Windows XP startup theme into a video game soundtrack-worthy piece:

2.  Legendary harpist Ann Hobson Pilot spoke with Sarasota Magazine about her fascinating life, including the racism she experienced in her career as a classical musician.

3. Violinist Ezinma, whose cover of "WAP" we featured a few weeks ago in another roundup, released her debut original single, "Beethoven Pleads the Fifth"! Check out the music video:

4. The New York Times asked their favorite artists and writers to name 5 minutes of music to make you love the violin, and boy, did they deliver. 

5. Introducing: the Baroque Club Banger (G minor Fugue 1703 Remix).

6. And, not unrelated, a deep dive into one of our favorite musical phenomena this year: bardcore.

7. We've talked about Chloe Flower -- the genre-bending pianist known as the "millennial Liberace" -- before, and we're thrilled to report she's back with a new single, "Flowers through Concrete." Read Coveteur's profile on her, then check out the music video!


8. The latest in "that can be a piano?!" news: watermelon.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.