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Google Helps You Remember the Name of That Song

Photo by, edit by Kendall Todd
Man using his cell phone

At last, a tool that answers our most desperate question: what was the name of that song, again? Also, the BSO boards Boston's Duck Boats for "Rolling Recitals" around town. But that's not all! Read on for this week's music news roundup. 

1. These two women have watched more than 200 operas together since the beginning of pandemic-related shutdowns, all thanks to the Metropolitan Opera's nightly streaming service.

2. Members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra hit the road on Boston's iconic Duck Boats for a series of pop-up "Rolling Recitals" around town this week. Here's a video from the Boston Globe.

3. Looking for another chance to catch classical music in Boston this fall? Here are 10!

4. Composer Michael Torke's newest recording, "Being," fuses classical music with EDM. Read an interview with Torke from Minnesota Public Radio, and check out this track:

5. For The New Yorker Festival, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Emanuel Ax discussed the optimism in Beethoven's work, and responded to questions about music's role in our rapidly-changing world:

6. A good old-fashioned Bach concerto goes delightfully off the rails in this video featuring Gil Shaham, Adele Anthony, and Colin and Eric Jacobsen:

7. You know when you're trying to look up a piece of music, but you can't remember what it's called? Now you can use Google's "Hum to Search" tool -- sing it 10-15 seconds of a melody, and it'll give you a few likely matches. So long to the days of asking "what's that piece that goes 'dum dum dum dummmm?"

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.