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New Collection Restores Early Recordings by Black Classical Musicians

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Recordings of the "Black Swans" were almost lost to history. That story, plus a plant piano, the Kreisler Workout, and more, all ahead.

1. Looking for a new indoor workout for winter? Try this:

2. Piannovation: listen to the world's first-ever piano made from living plants.

3. When you're an organist who needs to practice, available instruments can be pretty limited. Unless, of course, you're Xavar Varnus. He recently purchased a Nova Scotia church of his own, where he can practice to his heart's content -- in his pajamas, no less.

4. Spice up your holiday music collection with this roundup of new classical Christmas releases from The Guardian.

5. ...and speaking of CDs, here is New York Times music critic Anthony Tommasini's ode to his CD collection.

6. Early recordings of Black classical musicians from the Red Summer of 1919 were thought to be lost to history. A new collection, called "Black Swans," features these restored recordings.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.