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Swan Lake Perfectly Accompanies this 3-Year-Old's Bike Tricks

A little girl rides her BMX bike down a set of stairs
Screenshot from video by @biker_tiny on Twitter

It's just the right amount of drama. Also, an investigation into the possibilities of Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved," a Maria Callas Barbie, and the first sounds from a conch shell trumpet in 18,000 years, all ahead!

1. It's been awhile since most of us have had the opportunity to go to dinner and a show. The Mankato Symphony Orchestra in Minnesota is trying to change that, partnering with a local restaurant to offer "Sounds to Savor," a date night in: a delicious meal for two, and a virtual concert.

2. A stunning achievement in Barbie doll customization: Maria Callas, in Tosca.

3. Much has been made over the years about an unsent letter from Ludwig van Beethoven, undated and addressed only to his "Immortal Beloved." But who was she? Writer Jessica Duchen investigates.

4. Social distancing has been a crucial part of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has presented challenges to performing arts groups across the board. Some pieces of classical music, however, require musicians to play apart from one another. Here are 15 pieces of socially distanced classical music -- repertoire for your next virtual concert, perhaps?

5. A conch shell trumpet was recently played for the first time in -- wait for it -- 18,000 years, after archaeologists determined that it was an instrument and not a drinking cup, as had previously been assumed. There's an audio recording of it here, along with a fascinating explanation of the research process. You can also hear the story from NPR here.

6. Okay, color us impressed! This 3-year-old biker's stunning tricks are even more dramatic when set to music from Swan Lake:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.