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Record-Breaking Model Train Plays 20 Classical Pieces on Water Glasses

A red model train on a track surrounded by glasses partially filled with water
Screenshot from "MUSICAL MODEL TRAIN - Guinness World Records"

Listen, we really can't explain it better than that. You'll just have to watch the video. Also in this roundup: a lost-and-found flute, a dancer whose movements are so fluid, he nearly glides, and puppies! 

1. After 10 years, a $13,000 flute that went missing after being left in the back of a taxi... has been found

2. When you have a rare, historic instrument in your collection, you want it to look its best in photos. But taking really good pictures of old violins is no easy feat. Here's a look at the surprising challenges these photographers face.

3. Pure joy:

4. Dogsledder and author Blair Braverman's latest litter of puppies are all named after contemporary composers! This sweet baby is named Yotam, after Yotam Haber:

5. For long-haul Covid-19 patients, breathing therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. One effective method? Opera singing. Here are some exercises that help:


6. In a concert with pianist Simone Dinnerstein, dancer James Floats Fable might as well have been gliding on air as he danced to Philip Glass:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Simone Dinnerstein (@simonedinnerstein)

7. A Guiness World Record we didn't know existed until we heard about this: "the longest melody played by a model train." We bet you'll recognize some of the 20 different pieces it plays:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.