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Calculator Virtuoso's Mesmerizing Mozart

A top-down shot of a person's hands over four calculators
あたりめ on YouTube
Screenshot from "【電卓演奏】トルコ行進曲 Mozart's Turkish March 'Calculator Cover'"";s:3:"uri";s:56:"public

Anyone can play "Rondo alla turca" on a piano. But on a calculator? Now we're talking. Also in this roundup, interviews, jokes, and the strange daily habits of great composers.

1. Some of the world's most beloved composers also had some of the world's strangest habits. Zack Ferriday, a writer for VAN Magazine, spent a week testing five of these habits to see if they made him more creative and productive.

2. A fascinating interview with composer Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate explores the overlap -- and the tension -- between Chickasaw and Western classical music traditions. Here's a teaser for one of his pieces, with the San Francisco Symphony:

3. At long last,meet the man behind the wildly-popular Twitter account "Composers Doing Normal Sh*t." One of his most beloved Tweets:

4. Composers as soft drinks, anyone?

5. In a blazing display of talent, this YouTuber plays Mozart's Rondo alla turca... on calculators.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.