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The Eternal Search of Bach's Cello Suites

Thomas Demenga
Ismael Lorenzo
Thomas Demenga

On this week's CD of the Week, Swiss cellist Thomas Demenga continues the eternal journey of mastering Bach’s famous cello suites.

“I think I’m speaking for most musicians when I say that especially with such monumental works as the Bach suites, there is always a desire to do better, to do justice to the content of the music: to present the preludes ever more simply and clearly, and to make the dances more dancelike and more graceful. The eternal search….”

The newest addition to Swiss cellist Thomas Demenga’s discography is a continuation of that eternal search. For many cellists, Bach’s suites serve as both an educational starting point and an endless goal to master – they are something to be revisited time and time again. As a staple of cello repertoire, the suites become a universal bond among cellists, with the challenge of how to inject one’s individual voice into the works.

“To me, Bach is the greatest musical genius who has ever lived. His music is pure, sublime. It possesses something divine and each musician has a lifetime in which to discover new ways of interpreting it.”

Listen to a track from the album:

For more information, a track listing, and to purchase this recording, visit ArkivMusic.