Jessie Jacobs

Host, Producer

Jessie credits her early love of music to her grandfather - he loved Gershwin, Lecuona, and playing piano for the family. A violist throughout high school and college, Jessie also channeled her love of classical music into her first job in public radio. Her career started as assistant music librarian at Northwest Public Broadcasting while attending the University of Idaho. After graduation, she served as host and eventually music director until moving to the northeast. When she’s not at the mic or listening to the radio, she likes baking, crafting, exploring and playing roller derby.

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Jessie Jacobs

It may sting when we think about how much we'll miss attending live concerts for a while - but we can still cherish the memories we have from the past.

Instant Replay: 013

Mar 26, 2020

We’ve entered into a time of incredible uncertainty, but it’s during times like this that a lot of us find hope and strength in music and hobbies. Here’s music that’s keeping us calm, collected and carrying on, along with a look at the activities we’ve been turning to for comfort.