Is this $8 Item the Key to Choral Singing during the Pandemic? | CRB

Is this $8 Item the Key to Choral Singing during the Pandemic?

Jan 8, 2021

We're fans of anything radio-based, so this is a win in our book. Also, the sounds of the Northern Lights, a new symphonic virtual reality experience, and more, all ahead in this week's roundup.

1. Taylor Swift is a style icon, and so, apparently, is Bärenreiter, the beloved publisher of classical scores. Don't believe us? Here's a thread for you:

2. Maestro Gustavo Dudamel's virtual reality project, "Symphony," just premiered in Spain, and he plans to take it on tour. Here's a teaser:

3. Is seeing the Northern Lights on your bucket list? How about hearing them? A bioligist and a composer collaborated to create "Songs of the Sky," a piece that makes the world's most spectacular light show its own soundtrack

4. Happy birthday, Alfred Brendel! The pianist celebrated his 90th this week.

5. One of our favorite local artists, Maria Finkelmeier, is bringing her signature multi-sensory experiences to Boston's Hatch Shell on the Esplanade this winter. Check out "Hatched: Breaking through the Silence," a vibrant 15-minute visual and sound performance, through February 21.

6. Pianist Igor Levit was recently featured on CBS's 60 Minuteswhere he spoke about finding an audience during the pandemic, speaking out against antisemitism, and understanding Beethoven with the help of Eminem. Here's a clip:

7. Anyone who's ever had a Skype call or a Zoom meeting can tell you that audio issues, including lag, are par for the course. That presents a unique problem for musicians, who rely on precise timings in order to rehears and perform. This slightly more analog, $8 piece of technology might be the solution.