Broadcasts and Streaming of the BSO

WCRB and WGBH have a long, rich history of collaboration with the Boston Symphony Orchestra to bring this world-class orchestra's performances to the airwaves and online. A recent contractual change between the BSO and its musician union have resulted in a change to these broadcasts and streams, beginning with the 2017-2018 season.

WCRB continues to broadcast and stream the BSO in Saturday evening live performances from Symphony Hall, with encore presentations on Monday nights. These broadcasts, however, are not available for post-broadcast on demand streaming via WCRB's and the BSO's web sites. In addition, these broadcasts are only be heard on WCRB. Affiliate stations around New England continue to broadcast concerts from past seasons.

The reasons for these changes are detailed in a statement from the Boston Symphony Orchestra:

"[In August of 2017], the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Players of the Boston Symphony and their local union, local 9-535, agreed to a three-year contract that included provisions for local radio and live streaming. Unfortunately, regional radio and on demand streaming fall under the jurisdiction of the American Federation of Musicians. Although the national agreement expired in April, negotiations for a successor contract will only begin in October. Consequently, regional broadcasts of Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts will not be available until the negotiations between the American Federation of Musicians and the Employer association have been completed. We apologize for the inconvenience."