Bumping into classical

May 26, 2016

Over the past couple of years I've run into classical music in some of the most unexpected places.

I expect classical music to be used in commercials and movies. It evokes a mood - epic, fancy, pastoral - that easily puts the audience in a certain mindset about the product being advertised or the scene they're watching.

What I don't expect is to hop off the bus one day on the way home from work, and immediately see a cellist playing Bach's first cello suite outside a tennis court in my neighborhood. That's exactly what happened, though, one day a few years ago, as part of a celebration called "August Noise JP."

You also don't expect to see a playground named after one of the world's most famous composers. Politicians, historical figures, big names in the community, sure... but not Mozart.

A sign for the Mozart Playground in Jamaica Plain

And this one is my favorite: you're at a concert, hearing an incredible band for the first time. You'd heard of them, but never really listened to their music. You're loving every moment of this concert, and then this happens:

It was a lucky coincidence that the crew from Front Row Boston was there recording the concert, so they were able to capture the magic of an enormous crowd being totally transfixed by Debussy.

#ClassicalAnywhere has been lots of fun over the last couple of months, and we hope you'll continue to bump into classical music in unexpected places!