Courage in the Face of Terror

Set on the eve of the Reign of Terror, Poulenc's 1956 masterpiece "Dialogues of the Carmelites" explores the human capacity to face and bear overwhelming fear with courage and dignity. Hear it Sunday night at 9 on WCRB's "Voices."

Sunday, January 13, 2019
9:00 PM

POULENC Dialogues of the Carmelites

Marquis de la Force: Ashley Holland (baritone)
Blanche de la Force, his daughter: Catrin Wyn-Davies (soprano)
Chevalier de la Force, his son: Peter Wedd (tenor)
Thierry, a valet: Gary Coward (baritone)
Madame de Croissy, Prioress: Felicity Palmer (mezzo-soprano)
Mother Marie of the Incarnation, assistant Prioress: Josephine Barstow (soprano)
Madame Lidoine, the new Prioress: Orla Boylan (soprano)
Sister Constance of Saint-Denis, a young man: Sarah Tynan (soprano)
Mother Jeanne of the Child Jesus: Jane Powell (mezzo-soprano)
Sister Mathilde: Anne Marie Gibbons (mezzo-soprano)
Chaplain: Ryland Davies (tenor)
Monsieur Javelinot, a physician: William Berger (baritone)
First Commissioner: James Edwards (tenor)
Second Commissioner: Roland Wood (baritone)
First Officer: Toby Stafford-Allen (baritone)
Gaoler: David Stephenson (baritone)

English National Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Paul Daniel, conductor