Hear Mozart's Music Played on his Own Violin

Oct 16, 2020

The first-ever commercial recording of Mozart's music performed on Mozart's own violin, pop culture theme songs with a classical spin, a German pianist's tree-planting initiative, and more, in this week's roundup!

1. Ever wondered what your favorite pop culture theme songs sound like on a flute? Wonder no longer. Youtuber Ariana Flute gives us exactly that:

2. Pianist Martin Kohlstedt pledges to plant a tree for every concert ticket he sells. Here's an original piece from his upcoming album, FLUR:

3. Soprano Amanda Forsythe is gearing up to perform again after recovering from COVID-19. Read an interview with her from The Boston Globe.

4. Hey, FOX Sports, we know that piece:

5. How does an accordion work, and how, and why, was it invented, exactly? Early Music America has a deep dive for you.

6. The Atlantic's resident doctor answers an important question: in the age of coronavirus, is it safe to play a woodwind instrument?

7. I'll never get tired of jokes like this:

8. Violinist Christoph Koncz is releasing the first ever album of Mozart's music played on Mozart's own violin. In fact, he believes he has spent the longest amount of time playing this violin since Mozart himself

(PS: in 2013, Mozart's violin visited WGBH thanks to the Boston Early Music Festival! You can check out an interview and performance with violinist Daniel Stepner and violist Anne Black here.)