How to Make an Origami Violin

Jun 21, 2019

Plus appearances from Andre 3000, Jeff Goldblum, and more. Who knows what else you'll find in this link roundup?

1. Andre 3000 played an indigenous flute in an airport, and NPR's Antonia Cereijido caught it on camera. Sounds like a Mad Libs, but it actually happened -- and Slate spoke to the flutemaker.

2. Time and time again, we hear stories about cellos, basses, and other instruments getting destroyed in airplane cargo holds. Air Canada has a solution: a complex series of nets that reminded one traveler of Hannibal Lecter

3. Alma Deutscher, 14, may be a prodigy, but don't call her the "next Mozart" -- she's her own person, and she likes it that way.

4. Star cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason encouraged parents to bring their children to cheap classical concerts -- after teaching a recent master class, he said he is amazed at how receptive kids are to classical music. We couldn't agree more. 

5. Sometimes, the subreddit ClassicalMemes yields unexpected gems. Here's one, courtesy of redditor JACKCKCKA:

6. Jeff Goldblum (yes, that Jeff Goldblum) is on tour promoting his recent jazz piano album! Read an interview with him from the Boston Globe.

7. This is not a new video, but it's new to us: learn how to make an origami violin.