If the Shoe Fits: von Stade in Massenet's "Cinderella"

Sunday at 9:30 on WCRB's "Voices," enjoy a charming telling of the beloved fairy tale, complete with fairy godmother, a glass slipper, and a very handsome prince.

Sunday, August 18 2019
9:30 PM

MASSENET Cendrillon

Cendrillon (Cinderella): Frederica von Stade
Prince Charming: Nicola Gedda
Step-mother: Jane Berbié
Pandolfe: Jules Bastin
Fairy: Ruth Welting
Noémie: Teresa Cahill
Dorothée: Elizabeth Bainbridge
The King: Claude Méloni
The Dean: Paul Crook
Surintendant des Plaisirs: Christian du Plessis
Prime Minister: John Noble
Messenger: Claude Méloni

Philharmonia Orchestra
Ambrosian Opera Chorus
Julius Rudel, conductor