Instant Replay: Anniversary Playlists

Apr 7, 2020

It's been exactly one year since we started sharing our favorite music monthly on Instant Replay! This month, we're taking a look back. We compiled all of our individual Instant Replay choices into personalized playlists, featuring all the music we've loved over the past year.

To help categorize these playlists, I've asked everyone to describe their taste in music -- with an added challenge: keeping those descriptions to six words of fewer. Here's what we had to say about the music we love:

Laura Carlo: "From Bach to rock to...Bacharach."

Cathy Fuller: "Communicative, colorful, heartfelt, fearless, honest, adventurous."

Chris Voss: "Mix of contemporary, classical, and folk!"

Alan McLellan: "Music from the heart, often vocal."

Jessie Jacobs: "Whimsical, ethereal or a little funky."

Jay Fondin: "Wistful choirs & folk bops that slap."

Brian McCreath: "Two flavors: soothingly mellow; eye-poppingly brash".

Kendall Todd: "Either dance-y or a gut punch."

Rani Schloss: "Funky, upbeat, hummable bops, usually women."

Colin Brumley: "Classical and metal – not so different!"


How do your music preferences compare to ours? What's your six-word description? Let us know on social media. And, as always, here's the full cumulative playlist -- a year of Instant Replay, with 8 hours and 42 minutes of music.