Renée Fleming Interviews Julianne Moore, Makes All Our Dreams Come True

Sep 14, 2018

Buckle up, because this link roundup goes places, baby. Here are some of our favorite stories from this week on the classical music internet.

1. First things first: a good old-fashioned orchestra prank.

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2. This may be the best interview you read this week: Renée Fleming speaks with Julianne Moore about their upcoming film, Bel Canto. As expected, it is everything.

3. Pianist Joyce Yang has synesthesia. She's using her unique vision to bridge the gap between music and visual art:

4. After 15 months apart, cellist Matt Haimovitz was reunited with his beloved instrument

5. Cellist Laurence Lesser, almost as much of a local institution as New England Conservatory itself, turns 80 this year and celebrates 45 years at NEC. Hear a concert in his honor on September 26.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody. 28 trombones. Enough said.

7. Classical music features heavily in commercials for everything from cars to cleaning supplies and beyond. But it isn't very often that we see the orchestras or the conductors behind the music -- until now. JoAnn Falletta is one of six "real women" in this new Macy's campaign:

8. Watch Daniil Trifonov as Rachmaninoff ahead of his newest album, to be released on October 12: