RPO Performs "Ode" for Things Lost on the Train

Nov 30, 2018

We're back and better than ever! This link roundup covers all the bases -- from U.K. doctors' offices to train stations to Game of Thrones. Ready?

1. Step inside Cleveland's Severance Hall, home to the Cleveland Orchestra, and it's like stepping into another world -- the neoclassical exterior belies nothing of the "Ancient Egypt-meets-Jazz Age" splendor inside.

2. Members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra partnered with East Midlands Trains to feature some of the items that get left behind by commuters. Titled "An Ode to my Former Owner," this piece is composed of exactly 11,304 notes, which just so happens to be the number of items left behind each year.

East Midlands Trains - "Lost in Music" from Tin Man on Vimeo.

3. Read this conversation with Ludwig Goransson, the composer whose work this year included the scores to Black Panther, Venom, Donald Glover's "This Is America," and now, Creed II.

4. From The New Yorker, a celebration of the most ubiquitous supergroup of the holiday season: Mannheim Steamroller.

5. Music: it's the cure for what ails ya -- officially, now, in the U.K.

6. In the game of bands, you either march... or you die. Sorry, we don't make the rules!

7. Watch as sound waves transform loose grains of rice into beautiful patterns out of thin air: