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Out of the Box

Sundays at 9pm

Out of the Box explores the unexpected, the extraordinary, and the striking, all driven by the curiosity and imagination of Chris Voss.

Cellist Shirley Hunt is seating looking straight into the camera, wearing a black dress, with her cello across her lap and her left hand wresting on its curve
Robert Torres

Find out how the Boston-based cellist keeps three instruments straight and centers women in her vibrant third and final album of J.S. Bach's Cello Suites and Viola da Gamba Sonatas.

Image of Violinist Hilary Hahn, standing in profile with her violin, surrounded by bright, color flowers
OJ Slaughter

The Virginia-born violinist talks candidly about her newest release, a beautiful reflection of love and life, and of music old and new.  

When I asked Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital about his newest album and how it differed from his previous mandolin albums, he answered me with a wry, winking smile: “I don’t have other mandolin albums.”

The nine women singers of the Lorelei Ensemble stand, dressed in concert gowns, looking right
Allana Taranto

This powerfully sung new album from the Boston-based chamber choir invites you to explore a simple question: "Why do we tell the love stories that we do?"

Composer Jennifer Higdon wearing all black leaning against a multi-color wall
Andrew Bogard

Come and explore the 'lyrical, feisty, and energetic' harp concerto by a giant voice of American contemporary composition, featuring the superlative harpist Yolanda Kondonassis!