Montage of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, all photographed by Voyager 1.
NASA/JPL, via Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday, July 18, the Boston Landmarks Orchestra welcomes London's St. Paul's Girls' School Choir for an historic centennial performance of Holst's The Planets on the Esplanade.

The opening scene of Opera North's production of "Trouble in Tahiti"
Opera North

Need some good news? Here are 6 stories to brighten your day... and someone playing Mahler on a rubber chicken.

Oliver Knussen
Mark Allan / BBC

When composer and conductor Oliver Knussen led the Boston Symphony Orchestra for what turned out to be the final time, he gave an interview that reveals his rare combination of wit, curiosity, and intellect.

Bolshoi Ballet dancers check in on the Russia-Spain match backstage during a performance of "Raymonda." Credit: Bruna Gaglianone/Bolshoi Theatre
Bruna Gaglianone/Bolshoi Theatre

This week's link roundup features a whale choir, a classical music love story, and a cat playing theremin. What more do you want?

Masary Studios; A Far Cry
Diana Hunt; Yoon S. Byun

This week in our link roundup, we highlight a few local musicians, share some inspirational stories, and ask: how mad do you get when audiences cough during concerts? We bet you don't get as mad as Riccardo Muti.