The Spektral Quartet's new album is anything but serious.

Commonly analogized as "a conversation among friends," chamber music invites the listener in to a conversation between the musicians.

John Field. The name may not mean much to you, but if you’re like me and absolutely love Chopin’s nocturnes, you’re in luck: there’s another composer who pulls off something similar to that sound. And not to burst your bubble, but I’m here today to tell you Chopin was not first; as the hipsters would say, John Field wrote nocturnes before it was cool.

I’ll cut right to the chase – I absolutely adore classical music. But around the office, I’m proudly known as "the metal guy." Because I have such a diverse array of musical interests – I love Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons as much as Slayer – nothing gets me more excited than when two seemingly antithetical music worlds collide. I’m here today not to share a heavy metal instance of classical music quotation, but a rock one – more specifically, progressive rock.

Snow Days

Feb 17, 2016

Think back to when you were a child. Was there anything better than a snow day? We’d be gathered at the breakfast table, radio blaring, little sister with her hands folded in prayer, little brother jumping around with all his fingers crossed, as we shushed each other, waiting to hear WHDH’s Jess Cain read the school cancellation lists. “Boston!” Yay! It meant a day of free-pass TV, reading for the fun of it, endless board game competitions, helping Daddy shovel, putting on 600 pounds of warm clothes to make snow angels, snow balls, snow forts and the hugest snow man in the world. Wet mittens on the radiator! Then there was helping Mama reduce her inventory of hot cocoa and cookies. The “Snow Day.” It was one of the joys of a New England childhood.