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still from Pharrell Williams's "Happy" video
Pharrell Williams

New Year's resolutions cover just about everything these days … from getting more exercise to reading more books for fun. How about ... "being happy?"

Baritone David Newman conducts a drive-in choir rehearsal, in a screenshot from his video "Physically distant drive-in ensemble rehearsal"
David Newman

We're fans of anything radio-based, so this is a win in our book. Also, the sounds of the Northern Lights, a new symphonic virtual reality experience, and more, all ahead in this week's roundup.

A view of Boston at sunset
Matthew Landers via

This New Year's Eve, ring in 2021 with the music that makes the CRB staff feel hopeful and light.

Wikimedia Commons

After the 2019 fire, the Notre Dame Cathedral's organ lives on. Also, celebrate Beethoven, make your own blob opera, and more, in this week's roundup!

Tradition and Continuity, from H+H and GBH

Dec 17, 2020
Members of the H+H Chorus record Messiah at GBH
Meredith Nierman / GBH

The composer Gustav Mahler once wrote, “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”