CD of the Week

Every week, WCRB staff select a CD to feature on-air and online. Learn all about each week's CD, including links to purchase each one, here.

Rachel Podger
Theresa Pewal

Violinist Rachel Podger has a unique way of mixing serious insight, historical performance techniques, and a fun-loving sense of camaraderie. Now, she and her award-winning ensemble Brecon Baroque have applied those qualities to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and we’re celebrating the result on WCRB's CD of the Week.

Leopold Stokowski

Leopold Stokowski spent a decade immersed in Bach’s music as a church organist, but he gave it up for the irresistible temptations of the symphonic world. On WCRB's CD of the Week, dive into the vast experience of his recording legacy.

Leopold Stokowski
From "Stokowski Conducts Bach" album, RCA

No conductor felt as free to change a composer’s score for the sake of visceral, sonic effect than Stokowski - explore it on WCRB's CD of the Week, as it is one of the many masterpieces that makes up Decca's 22-disc set.

Leopold Stokowski
Wikimedia Commons

WCRB’s CD of the Week is so big, we’ll have it around for the whole month of April! This set of the complete Decca “Phase 4” recordings of conductor Leopold Stokowski features 22 discs of music, illuminating his wondrous sound.

Leopold Stokowski
Otto Rothschild

Superstar conductor Leopold Stokowski's decade of recordings with Decca brought his visceral, multi-dimensional musical experiences into the realm of recording. All month, we're celebrating Decca’s 22-disc box set on WCRB’s CD of the Week.