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link roundup

Link roundup is a weekly list of fun, weird, and just plain interesting things that you might not have seen before, from all corners of the classical music internet.

A tree photographed over time, with one half in bloom and the other dead

A new series of compositions reimagines Vivaldi for the year 2050. Also, Yo-Yo Ma's stunning performance at this week's presidential inauguration, proof that music makes you smarter, and more, all in this week's roundup!

Baritone David Newman conducts a drive-in choir rehearsal, in a screenshot from his video "Physically distant drive-in ensemble rehearsal"
David Newman

We're fans of anything radio-based, so this is a win in our book. Also, the sounds of the Northern Lights, a new symphonic virtual reality experience, and more, all ahead in this week's roundup.

Wikimedia Commons

After the 2019 fire, the Notre Dame Cathedral's organ lives on. Also, celebrate Beethoven, make your own blob opera, and more, in this week's roundup!

Wikimedia Commons

Recordings of the "Black Swans" were almost lost to history. That story, plus a plant piano, the Kreisler Workout, and more, all ahead.

Courtesy of The Voice on NBC

This week in classical music, a baby that LOVES Chopin, the next Yo-Yo Ma-slash-Herbie Hancock of the harp, a countertenor shaking up "The Voice," and more! Let's get into it.