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link roundup

Link roundup is a weekly list of fun, weird, and just plain interesting things that you might not have seen before, from all corners of the classical music internet.

Screenshot from the video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." Pictured: two cartoon children dressed in rags, singing in front of a house made of logs.
Due Donne Opera Company

Also in this roundup: classical charades, musical (non-medical) masks, and the Russian National Orchestra's dolphin charmer.

Check out these stories about a digital artist's lifelike composer portraits, a pianist duetting with a noisy cat, drive-in concerts, and more!

Screenshot from "Somebody That I Used To Know (Bardcore/Medieval Style Cover with Vocals)"
Hildegard von Blingin'

This week's roundup features a herculean sonata-ranking effort, Max Richter's meditation app, plants, robots, and, yeah, Hildegard von Blingin'. 

Violins lined up in order of size, from smallest to largest
Westminster Suzuki Violins for The Patch

This week, in our roundup of the best stories from around the classical music internet, tiny violins! Plus a concert for potted plants, an illustrated adventure for kids, and the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. 

Pianist Lara Downs performs from home
NPR Music

Unsurprisingly, classical music content from around the web took on an extra dose of gravity this week. Here are a few of those posts, like a professor's viral musicology lecture, the #TakeTwoKnees challenge, and thoughts on how artists can respond to injustice.