link roundup

Link roundup is a weekly list of fun, weird, and just plain interesting things that you might not have seen before, from all corners of the classical music internet.

This is the music of the ~future~. Plus find out why songs get stuck in your head, how silent movies are scored, and what Saint-Saëns (and 13 other composers) looked like on video!

A group of cattle standing in a field
Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Milk production, Metallica, movie music, and more, all in this week's link roundup! Let's go.

Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
John Rogers

Chad Lawson faces his fears. Plus, the entire Ring Cycle in two and a half minutes, Johnny Greenwood's new classical music venture, and newly-discovered letters by Clara Schumann! It's time for WCRB's link roundup.

The tennis star's classical music venture, plus some ancient rock music, whale song, a Star Wars droid orchestra, and, seriously, so much more. 

Tyler Butler-Figueroa's infectious energy, a space clarinet, a DIY paper organ, and more, in this week's link roundup!