NPR member stations are uniquely tapped into local music scenes around the country. DJs share up-and-coming bands and artists with listeners by playing their music on the radio, interviewing them on-air and writing articles and blog posts.

But most of that content rarely traveled outside of the station's city, and an NPR listener in Philadelphia might not know what new music a Chicago-based DJ has just discovered.

Until now.

In the fall of 2017, NPR Music and VuHaus' public radio network kicked off Slingshot, a collective effort among taste-making music stations to elevate exceptional emerging artists.

To see the full roster of Slingshot artists, including classical and jazz, visit NPR's Slingshot page.

Pianist George Li
Simon Fowler

With a 1000-watt smile and warm-hearted performances, the 22-year-old pianist is proof that classical music can drop the pretense and kick some butt.