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Prague Cello Quartet Gives New Life to The Police's "Roxanne"

Four cellists sit in a line, in an ornate baroque library
The Prague Cello Quartet, in a screenshot from their video "Roxanne - Prague Cello Quartet"

The arrangement is darkly dramatic, and totally gorgeous. Also in this roundup: melodies made by proteins, a postage stamp violin, and more!

1. Scientists are constantly looking for ways to make their research more easily understood by non-scientists. Recently, researchers have tried using algorithms to make melodies out of the structures of protein molecules — using Chopin as a guide. Listen to a protein sample here.

2. If you've been around here for awhile, you know we love instruments made out of unconventional materials. Here's one that piqued our curiosity: a violin... made out of postage stamps! If anyone can tell us how it sounds, our inbox is open...

3. Want to see a doodle by Mozart? Here you go:

4. Forgive us for plugging our own content, but this is too fascinating to skip! In the days before printed music was commonplace, how did people learn music? Simple: the Guidonian Hand.

5. Somerville's PorchFest is this Saturday afternoon! Check out the classical offerings here, and go support local musicians playing and singing some sweet, sweet tunes.

6. The Prague Cello Quartet just released an arrangement of The Police's "Roxanne" that, dare we say, improves upon the original:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.