What did I hear earlier today/a few days ago/last week?

Full playlist information is on our Playlists page. To navigate to a specific day, click the left-facing arrow until you reach the desired day. To expand the playlist for a particular show, click the down-facing arrow to the right of the show title. If you can't find something, contact us and we'll figure it out.

What's that little piece of music I keep hearing?

That's our "sounder," created through a partnership with the Boston Conservatory. You can read all about it here.

Why am I having trouble hearing the station?

There could be a whole list of reasons. Your best bet is to call 617-300-5400 and someone will help you figure it out.

Where can I hear the station?

See the Ways to Listen page.

What is coming up on WCRB?

Due to licensing regulations we cannot provide future playlists.

Can I donate my record collection to the station?

While we appreciate the offer, we cannot accept donations of records, CDs, tapes, 8-tracks, reel-to-reels, etc. There are local organizations that will accept such donations - places like Goodwill, Boomerangs, and Urban Renewals.

Why haven't I heard a certain piece on the radio? Why have I heard this other piece twice in the past month?

We pay careful attention to what's on the air to make sure there's a good mix of hits and discoveries, and plenty of variety so that both the seasoned classical fan and the newcomer can always find something enjoyable. Our goal is to bring more people into the "classical tent" - and playing "the hits" has been proven through research numerous times to do so. We aim to keep things interesting for someone who listens only on their way to work, and for someone who has it on all day, and for someone who tunes in at random times throughout the week. If there's a particular piece you haven't heard, chances are you weren't listening when it aired.

Do you take requests?

If there is something you want to hear, contact us on Facebook - it's the fastest way to reach us - and we'll do our best to get it on the air. We will not be able to air all requests.

Can you mention my upcoming concert?

Feel free to tell us about upcoming concerts. However, any concert calendars or offhand mentions of concerts you hear on the air are at the discretion of the on-air host. To guarantee mentions of your concert, visit sponsorship.wgbh.org.

How can I advertise/underwrite on WCRB or on WCRB's website?

Please contact Local Corporate Sponsorship. Information is at sponsorship.wgbh.org.

I have a question about my membership.

Please call WGBH Audience and Member Services - 617-300-2000.

What jobs are open at WCRB?

You can check current employment opportunities here, internship positions here, and volunteer positions here.

I'd like to report an error on your website.

Please do! Contact us.

What is the image at the top of your website?

It's the inside of the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Esplanade - the home of summer concerts with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, and the annual Boston Pops Fireworks Celebration.

I have another question that isn't answered here.

Contact us!