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Benjamin Grosvenor
Andrej Grilc

Liszt with Love in Lockdown

Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor talks about his personal and passionate testament to the visionary spirit of Franz Liszt, prepared and recorded in the dark months of COVID.

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Xavier Foley
Matt Dine

Saturday at 5pm, the double bassist performs the fourth concert in a new series launched by violinist Lara St. John and streamed by CRB from New York's historic Atterbury House, streamed here free of charge.

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On 'Time To Shine,' Black Violin Focuses On The Light

Feb 17, 2021

Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste — two artists from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — met 25 years ago, in a high school orchestra class. Growing up, neither one had had much exposure to classical music; both said their parents were more likely to listen to reggae or calypso. Classical music felt like it was supposed to be for other people, which had the effect of drawing them even closer to it. Today, they play as a duo, with Marcus on violin and Baptiste on viola.

A horn made from a conch shell over 17,000 years ago has blasted out musical notes for the first time in millennia.

Archaeologists originally found the seashell in 1931, in a French cave that contains prehistoric wall paintings. They speculated that the cave's past occupants had used the shell as a ceremonial cup for shared drinks, and that a hole in its tip was just accidental damage.

When Kayhan Kalhor first left Iran, at age 17, he walked — more than 2,500 miles, to Italy. He carried only two items with him: a small backpack and his main musical instrument, the kamancheh.

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Out of the Box

When I asked Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital about his newest album and how it differed from his previous mandolin albums, he answered me with a wry, winking smile: “I don’t have other mandolin albums.”

Gail Samuel in Copley Square, Feb. 17, 2021
Aram Boghosian / BSO

The Boston Symphony Orchestra has announced that Gail Samuel will succeed Mark Volpe as the organization's President and CEO, effective in June.

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Benjamin Grosvenor
Andrej Grilc

Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor talks about his personal and passionate testament to the visionary spirit of Franz Liszt, prepared and recorded in the dark months of COVID.

It's just the right amount of drama. Also, an investigation into the possibilities of Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved," a Maria Callas Barbie, and the first sounds from a conch shell trumpet in 18,000 years, all ahead!

A rose on a piano keyboard
David Brooke Martin via Unsplash

What's more romantic than a great piano concerto? A few weeks ago, you voted for your favorites, and we played the top 10 throughout Valentine's Day weekend. Here are the results!

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The Handel and Haydn Society at GBH's Fraser Performance Studio

See and hear a performance of Handel's masterpiece by the Handel and Haydn Society, produced at GBH.

Masaaki Suzuki
Marco Borggreve

On The Bach Hour, Masaaki Suzuki conducts the Cantata No. 198, written to commemorate Christiane Eberhardine, whose life embodied the values of the composer's community.

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