A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra
Courtesy of the ensemble

Thanksgiving with A Far Cry

On WCRB In Concert with A Far Cry, WCRB's Ron Della Chiesa is joined by violinist Jae Cosmos Lee and violist Jason Fisher for musical reflections on gratitude in a difficult year, on demand.

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Throughout December, make WCRB your home for holiday music!

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Teen boy rides a skateboard on a park path, holding a violin
Screenshot of "Kettering skateboarding violinist teen filling park with classical music" via 2 News WDTN, Ohio

"It would probably be fun to ride the skateboard and play my instrument and see if I could do it," he said. Also: the world's oldest audio recordings and the collectors who restore them, Copland's music played in Copland's house, and the fascinating hydraulophone.

Doing It by the Book

Nov 18, 2020
photo by Brandi Redd / Unsplash

“Reading is an act of civilization … it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities.”– Ben Okri, Nigerian poet and author

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In the mid-1970s, more than 40 years before he won the Pulitzer Prize for music, pianist and composer Anthony Davis was driving with his wife to Boston for a concert when a police officer pulled them over .

Even this spring, when New York City was at the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S, the city's public parks never closed. Instead, they became a place where people went for a socially distanced refuge, often escaping into music with their headphones. Ellen Reid has taken that experience one step further: The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer has written new music for a GPS-enabled app called Soundwalk, specifically designed to accompany walks around Central Park.

The 2000 film Requiem for a Dream celebrates its 20th anniversary this fall, and in that time there's at least one part of its legacy that's never faded: the music. The movie's haunted original score spawned a kind of breakout hit that would ripple through media for years to come, while also kickstarting a new career for its British-born composer, Clint Mansell.

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Out of the Box

The nine women singers of the Lorelei Ensemble stand, dressed in concert gowns, looking right
Allana Taranto

This powerfully sung new album from the Boston-based chamber choir invites you to explore a simple question: "Why do we tell the love stories that we do?"

Full Moon
Andrew Choy / Wikimedia Commons

An ancient, haunting hymn tune is the foundation of three musical expressions of the quiet, contemplative anticipation of the season of Advent on The Bach Hour.

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