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Boston Camerata
Dan Busler

The Revolutionary Spirit of Colonial America

On WCRB In Concert with Boston Camerata, it's an evening of 18th- and 19th-century American resistance songs, including works by New England composers who sparked the dawn of American music.

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Imani Winds
Courtesy of the Ensemble

On demand this week only, the wind quintet brings their signature revolutionary -- and evolutionary -- approach to wind music to the eighth concert of a new series launched by violinist Lara St. John and live streamed by CRB from New York's historic Atterbury House, live streamed here.

Out of the Box

Cellist Shirley Hunt is seating looking straight into the camera, wearing a black dress, with her cello across her lap and her left hand wresting on its curve
Robert Torres

Find out how the Boston-based cellist keeps three instruments straight and centers women in her vibrant third and final album of J.S. Bach's Cello Suites and Viola da Gamba Sonatas.

Joshua Weilerstein
Sim Canetty-Clarke / Opus 3 Artists

The appointment, to begin with the 2021-2022 season, brings together an international conductor with local roots and one of this areas's most dynamic ensembles.

CRB Blog

Gil Shaham
Chris Lee / Opus 3 Artists

As an accompaniment to his IDAGIO-GBH performance available on demand with The Knights, violinist Gil Shaham reveals deeply embedded musical and narrative connections between two foundational concertos.

Nuno Santos surfs while playing violin.
Screenshot of "Canção do Mar / Song of the Sea" on YouTube

Nuno Santos is taking his violin where no instrument has gone before. Also in this roundup, ancient instruments see a new day, the sounds of a 16th Century chapel rise again, and more!

Instant Replay: 025

Apr 7, 2021

April showers bring May flowers, it's true, but they also bring a new round of music picks from all of us at CRB! Check out the songs we have on repeat this month.

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer performs his own music as well as that of Florence Price and Franz Schubert, with violinist Wendy Putnam, in a Concord Chamber Music Society program.

The Handel and Haydn Society at GBH's Fraser Performance Studio

See and hear a performance of Handel's masterpiece by the Handel and Haydn Society, produced at GBH.

From NPR Music

A young, mild-mannered soprano from Norway with a huge voice has been turning heads in the opera world.

Lise Davidsen is an emerging star whose voice has been called one-in-a-million. It can soar like a rocket over enormous orchestras. And yet on her new album, in the Verdi aria, "Pace, pace mio Dio!" it can dial down to a single gleaming strand of polished silver.

Could there be a more unloved, abject literary form than the press release? Inherently clammy and needy, press releases crowd the inboxes of busy reporters, who find it all too easy to ignore their entreaties. ("My client is soooo great!")

But every so often, a press release shows up like this one from Early Music New York. It arrived with the swagger of a carnival barker. It was flashy. It was fun.

Opera Philadelphia has, of course, spent the last year unable to stage live works in theaters. In response, they started creating original works written for the camera, to be shared and viewed online as part of an ongoing effort to bring a wider range of voices into the repertory.

More from NPR

The discovery of music that had disappeared centuries ago is a rare and thrilling experience, as Bach scholar Christoph Wolff tells host Brian McCreath, in a Bach Hour that features such a discovery, "Alles mit Gott."

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