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Instant Replay

  • Beautiful voices, fuzzy guitars, and a soundtrack for clandestine activities. Gather the intelligence in this month's Instant Replay.
  • An off-kilter Frankenstein, symphonic bluegrass, and a GRAMMY nominee help kick off the year in this month's Instant Replay.
  • Family traditions, new classics, and a bit of '70s funk, all wrapped up in this month's Instant Replay.
  • Jazz scatting, cows munching, and the perfect music for dancing through the long winter nights. All in this month's Instant Replay.
  • The sounds of a genius, a pinch of kitsch, and a nightmare reimagined — all mixed together in this month's Instant Replay witches' brew.
  • The winding of a river, an old tale made new, and a Zombieland crush. A typical September here on the Instant Replay.
  • If summer is the season of happy-go-lucky "meet-cutes," pop-anthem "bangers," and toe-tapping "go-to jams," then IR 52, play on!
  • Mind-blowing Bach. Pure, heartfelt crooning. Even air conditioning. The July Instant Replay is all you need to beat the heat.
  • It's the nifty 50th edition of Instant Replay! Windows down, music up: this start-of-summer playlist takes us from jubilant to introspective and back.
  • From a Swiftie's lament to a jazzy crossover, and even a dash of singalong social commentary — this month's Instant Replay hits all the right notes.