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Link Roundup: 7 Things from This Week on the Classical Internet


This week: go onstage with the LA Philharmonic, see a birthday greeting from space, and visit Rafael Nadal's yacht (it's related to classical music, I promise). 

  1. Every seat in the orchestra hears something a little different from its neighbor. Here's how it works:
  2. Our friends at ClassicFM answer an age-old question: why DO musicians wear black?
  3. In a bizarre convergence of worlds, tennis champion Rafael Nadal now owns a yacht named Beethoven
  4. The Vitamin String Quartet performs music from My Neighbor Totoro, a classic Japanese animated film that somehow always makes me cry, despite not being sad in any way:
  5. Glenn Gould's birthday was September 25th, and he got a birthday greeting from SPACE: 
  6. It was also Dmitri Shostakovich's birthday on the 25th. In a feat of impeccable timing, a brand new work for viola and piano has been discovered.
  7. And finally, have you ever thought quartet music needs a little more dancing? Well, you're in luck: