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Nelsons is Musical America's Artist of the Year

Andris Nelsons conducts the Boston Symhpony Orchestra
Marco Borggreve
Andris Nelsons conducts the Boston Symhpony Orchestra

One of the most prominent awards in the music world has been given to the Music Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.For over three years, we in Boston have experienced something rare. When an orchestra and conductor begin a long-term collaboration at a point when each is at its peak, the results can be astonishing. Now, word has spread beyond Symphony Hall, and Andris Nelsons is the recipient of one of the music industry's most important awards, Musical America's Artist of the Year.

Musical America is best known for its annual publication that rounds up big-picture news and trends from around the music world. Part of that includes a series of awards in various categories, and along with Artist of the Year Nelsons, these include

Personally, the award for Nelsons highlights something of a double privilege for me. Not only have I had a front-row seat to the Nelsons-BSO story from the very start; I was also asked to participate in the awards process by bringing that perspective to Musical America's audience around the world. To read the article I wrote, visit Musical America.

You may already be familiar with some, or even all, of the stories you'll read in that article. But hopefully, those stories will, through this new context, paint a picture of both a remarkable individual musician and a remarkable moment in the cultural life of Boston.

Brian McCreath is the Director of Production for CRB.