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DJ Orchestra Plays Mendelssohn on Turntables

Invention is the name of the game in this week's link roundup. Instruments made from turntables, Lego, and tsunami debris - plus a touch of the macabre. Onward!

  1. We love people who make music from non-traditional instruments here on the link roundup. So, to start things off, here's a DJ orchestra made of turntables:
  2. ...And what about a song written for instruments made of Lego?
  3. Classic FM released the latest episode of their classical true crime podcastCase Notes, and this time, it's all about composer Carlo Gesualdo's grisly murders:

  4. Would you be surprised if I told you that fugues are enjoying a resurgence in popularity? What if I told you that they never stopped being popular? According to The Economist, fugues are as popular as ever with everyone from football fans to Spanish rockers.
  5. Marking the 7th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake-turned-tsunami that devastated Japan, this violinist gave a concert on a violin built from debris from that very tsunami. Here is a lovely short video about the project:
Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.