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This Medievalist Musician Plays Three Flutes At Once

Picture this, but with a whole other flute in the middle (Simone Martini, 12th Century / WIkimedia Commons)
Simone Martini, 12th Century / WIkimedia Commons
Picture this, but with a whole other flute in the middle

Yeah, you heard me: Three. Flutes. At once. Also, a violist who says Wagner gave him hearing damage, and a "Coraline" opera! 

  1. Alright, so, just last week, I wrote about loving compositions for unconventional instruments and orchestras. Imagine my delight when I found these stories: writer Henry Alford composed a symphony from the sounds his radiator makes, and the bands Matmos and Sō Percussion collaborated to write music for a bucket of water, a piece of sheet metal, and, best of all... a cactus.
  2. This medievalist musician plays THREE FLUTES AT THE SAME TIME:

  3. Is it possible to teach yourself perfect pitch? There's a website that says you can - and sells the classes you need to learn. Musician and writer Jeffrey Arlo Brown investigates.
  4. In a landmark legal victory, a violist recently won a case against the Royal Opera House, alleging he suffered irreparable hearing damage after a rehearsal of Wagner's Die Walkure, where he was seated directly in front of the brass section. 
  5. Neil Gaiman's popular book-turned-movie Coraline is now being adapted into an opera