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#Dogoperas is the Best Hashtag We've Seen All Week

Muhannad Alatawi / Pexels.com
This good boy loves opera

Hail and well-met, fellow traveler. Venture forth - a wild and fearsome link roundup awaits. Dare ye enter here?

Just kidding. Let's talk about dogs!

1. Something wonderful happened on Twitter yesterday: the Boston Lyric Opera's account brought us the hashtag #dogoperas. Here's one of my favorites:

Edit: our friends at Opus Affair Boston made their own roundup of the very best #dogopera tweets! The more the terrier, I say.

2. What happens when you take a well-known piece and remix it in the style of another composer? Here's Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in the style of Chopin (#Chophoven, anyone?).

3. The headline of this article: "Babies relax to classical music with sumo wrestlers in Tokyo event." I really can't sell it better than that.

4. This is a great profile of Nora Fischer, soprano-turned-baroque-pop-star who is breaking boundaries with her most recent album, Hush. Listen:

5. Rhubarb: healthy, tasty, and... musical? Well, yeah, kind of


6. Ok, listen, I know this isn't classical, or even classical-adjacent. It's hardly even about music at all. But it made me smile, and isn't that the point of these link roundups anyway? Just watch: