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Kari Kriikku is so good at clarinet, he can do THIS while playing

Kari Kriikku jams out while rehearsing a clarinet concerto

Oh, the times, they are a-changin'... but if there's one constant you can count on, it's the Friday link roundup. Let's go!

1. Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky's music academy - located on the outskirts of Paris - is free to attend, and prioritizes students from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds. Thanks to Jaroussky, this 7-year-old can play 4 instruments, and plans to pursue a career in music:

2. And stateside, OrchKids, a free after-school music program run by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, is transforming lives in schools throughout Baltimore.

"The program has given me a voice," [one student] said. "I feel like I can be whatever, do whatever -- strive."

3. Is there anything more wonderful than hearing Mozart's music played on his own piano? Didn't think so. Take a listen:

4. This 210-instrument sculpture, manned by two people who set the music-making in motion, is drawing crowds in Philadelphia. See pictures and find out more.

5. Max Richter's trancelike, 8-hour composition, "Sleep," was recently performed in New York City - complete with beds and refreshments for attendees. The New York Times sent reporter Joshua Barone to investigate.

6. Watch Kari Kriikku rehearse a clarinet concerto that's a whole lot more than just a clarinet concerto:

7. Remember #dogoperas, our favorite hashtag ever? Turns out, it's Audra McDonald's favorite, too

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.