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Make "Saturday Night Fiedler" Your Summer Soundtrack

Cover art for the Boston Pops' 1979 album "Saturday Night Fiedler"
Cover art for the Boston Pops' 1979 album "Saturday Night Fiedler"

It's June! Celebrate the unofficial start to summer with a brand-new link roundup. Ahoy!

1. Boston Pops season is in full swing, which is wonderful news if you like film scores and funky beats. Speaking of... the last in Arthur Fiedler's series of outrageous Boston Pops albums was the perennial favorite "Saturday Night Fiedler," which is exactly what it sounds like. Though the music is enough to spark joy in any grinch, it's not new - but we had so much fun listening to it in the office this week, we wanted to spread the joy to you.

Please, please, invite joy and happiness into your life with a listen to this:

2. Another reason to be joyful this week: Jeff Goldblum just announced his debut jazz piano album. Yes, that Jeff Goldblum. Is there anything he can't do?

3. Thomas Ryalls (@BoyAndPen on Twitter) went to the ballet for the first time ever, and tweeted his experience in a gloriously millenial way. Here's the beginning of his thread:

4. Even the best websites glitch sometimes. Rather than relying on the usual "404 Page Not Found," error message, the Minnesota Orchestra decided to do... this.

5. We're big fans of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. Here's a really, really great one, featuring Chicago-based Third Coast Percussion.

6. The Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra received some homophobic hate mail after a concert featuring a few LGBT composers. So they did what anyone would do, and turned it into music.

"I cannot let hate with such poetical ambitions go unnoticed," [tenor Rickard Söderberg wrote], expressing delight that he would be able to present the piece in the concert hall. Of the original letter writer, he observed: "It's a shame that they cancelled their subscriptions, so that they cannot hear their nice libretto."

7. "Gamelatron" sounds like the name of a sci-fi robot -- and really, that's not too far off base. Inventor and artist Aaron Kuffner turned indonesian gongs into a kind of robot orchestra.

Thanks for checking out this week's link roundup! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more throughout the week.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.