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Creator of Furby Organ Returns... with Lightsaber Theremin(!?)

Here on our weekly link roundup, we've covered quite a few people who make music with unconventional instruments. This week: a few gems for you, including, yes, lightsaber toys.

1. At long, long last, after 35 years in operation, film production company THX has finally released the sheet music for its iconic "Deep Note" sound. We present it to you here.

2. Did you know that Tchaikovsky used to routinely destroy his own scores when he wasn't happy with them? Particularly prone to getting torn up: works called "Voyevoda" (yes, he wrote more than one). Our friends over at Primephonic have the scoop.

3. Two words: Lightsaber. Theremin.

4. Hey, look, another orchestra built from unconventional instruments! We're telling you, we love these kinds of stories. The Stanford Laptop Orchestra represents a fascinating intersection between technology and music.

5. The New York Philharmonic is the only major American orchestra that does not allow its female members to wear pants. But that could soon change:

Bowing to pressure from women who argued that the dress restrictions were not only unfair, but could also hinder their ability to play comfortably, other major orchestras have moved in recent years to let women wear pants if they choose. But gender equality is not the only consideration at the Philharmonic. At a moment when all orchestras are struggling to attract new audiences, some in classical music worry that old-fashioned formal wear can be off-putting to newcomers. So the Philharmonic is also re-examining its rule requiring men to wear white ties and tails, to see if it still makes sense now that the top-hat era has passed.

6. People at this karaoke bar were stunned when Luke Swatman - dubbed "Worcester's Pavarotti" by the local UK press - started belting out Puccini. Watch the viral video:

7. Lastly: although this isn't music-related, it is public-radio-related, and we all need a little good news now and again. After following the MPR raccoon's harrowing climb up the UBS tower in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we were all deeply relieved to learn that she made it to the top. Here's a video of her release back into the wild, posted by Wildlife Management Services on Facebook: 

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Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.